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Fidranth was a bronze dragon from Fort Weyr. His rider was T'ron.


Not is much known about him, out side of being from the Old Time, being hatched sometime during the Eighth Pass and impressing T'ron. At some point, he flew Fort's senior queen, resulting in T'ron becoming Weyrleader of Fort Weyr. He would later bring his rider forward in time to the Ninth Pass, in order for the riders to assist the riders of the Ninth Pass in fighting Thread. T'ron would later engage in a duel with F'lar, Benden's Weyrleader, for the future of Pern. Reflecting on the fight later, F'lar would note that he could not kill T'ron as F'lar would have also caused Fidranth's death. Fidranth would relocate to Southern Weyr following the banishment of all who were unwilling to accept Benden's leadership.

Personality and traits

Not much is known regarding Fidranth's personality, though he was strong enough to be able to fly Fort's Queen regularly.


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