Vital statistics
Gender Male
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Crom Hold
Parent(s) Fenner
Siblings Nerra
First appearance Sky Dragons

Crom Shield

Fenril (also mentioned as Fenric) was Lord Holder for Crom Hold late in the Second Interval. He was Nerra's brother and Lord Holder Fenner's son.


Since Nerra had been trained by her father to take over the hold, Nerra took care of her father after the flu pandemic. Unfortunately, Fenril took control of the hold after Fenner's death.

When Xhinna and Jirana visited Crom Hold while Searching for candidates for Sky Weyr, Xhinna convinced Nerra that the time had come for her to take control of Crom Hold. After entering the Great Hall, Nerra had Fenril — who had been found to have locked himself in the hold and was «entertaining» in the drudges quarters — imprisoned for treason.

Personality and Traits


Additional Information

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