Felines were animals that lived on the Southern Continent of Pern. They came from cheetah ova, modified by Ted Tubberman. They were one of the few animals that would attack full-grown dragons.

First Pass

Ted Tubberman stole ova from the biology labs and altered them to make them more obedient. They were good at going after tunnel snakes. However, they turned on Tubberman and killed him, escaping into the wild.

Second Pass

P'tero and M'leng were attacked by felines while members of Telgar Weyr took a trip to the Southern Continent. The dragons came to their defense.

Third Pass

When Fiona and T'mar led a group back in time to the Far Western Continent, one of the dangers they had to guard against was the felines. After most of the dragonriders returned to their present, Xhinna and her people captured a feline who gave birth to several babies before dying. The babies, nicknamed "Mrreows", were adopted by several of the dragonriders.

Ninth Pass

F'lessan and Tai, along with their dragons, were attacked by felines. F'lessan and Golanth were seriously injured. Ramoth brought several other dragons back in time to rescue them.


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