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Farli was a queen Fire Lizard that was Impressed by Piemur.


Farli came from a clutch of eggs belonging to Lord Meron. Meron had the clutch, which came from illegal trading with the Oldtimers of Southern Weyr, hardening on his hearth during a gather. While hiding as a drudge, Piemur would replace the egg with a similarly shaped object, taking refuge in some goods in a storeroom. Both Piemur and the egg end up on the Southern Continent. The egg would hatch soon after a Threadfall, with Piemur successfully impressing the newly hatched Farli.

Farli would stay with Piemur as he traveled the Southern Continent. After he was assigned to explore the Southern coastline, Piemur would train Farli in several tasks. To measure distance, Farli learned to pace her flight, allowing Piemur to get an approximation. He also taught her to find objects and bring them back. However, at one point, Farli took Piemur to a saltwater lake, as Piemur had forgotten to specify that Farli should find drinkable water.

After AIVAS's discovery, Farli was trained in turning on life support equipment, with the goal of doing so on the Yokohama. Though able to complete the task, Farli did not understand the concept of going to space until Ruth showed her how. Afterwards, she was able to follow Ruth and successfully complete her task.

Personality and traits

Farli appears to be fairly intelligent, as she has been trained in a variety of tasks, with the goal of helping Piemur or others. Like most Fire Lizards, however, she has trouble with more advanced concepts, as she did not understand the concept of traveling to space until shown.


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