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Map Far Western Continent

The Far West Continent (also known as the «Great Isle») was the most remote of Pern's three continents.


Plant life

Animal life


Second Interval

It remained unsettled until the Second Interval, when inhabitants of Pern's weyrs timed it back from the Third Pass to give the weyrlings and their younger dragons time to grow up, and their injured dragons a place to heal. During this time, the two halves of the continent were known as «Western Isle» and «Eastern Isle». The initial settlement existed on the eastern isle, thus leading to the name «Eastern Weyr» being adopted by the weyrlings there.

«Western Isle» was not explored by the settlers at Eastern Weyr, due to cryptic messages warning them away from it — possibly suggesting a settlement was founded there by other weyrfolk timing it. «Eastern Isle» was home to tunnel snakes, who often burrowed in the soft soil — tragically leading to a massacre at the Eastern Weyr hatching grounds, where only twenty three of two hundred and fifty three eggs hatched — and felines, dubbed «Mrreows» by the Weyrfolk who had never seen such a creature before. The settlement was intended to be temporary, and it was presumably abandoned some time in the Third Pass.

Ninth Pass

By the Ninth Pass, the Far Western Continent had very few distinctive features, being little more than a desert region split in two by a huge rift — the trees that would have existed in an Interval being destroyed by Thread, since the area was not covered by dragonriders. Early surveys indicated only tunnel snakes lived there, which could suggest the felines were killed off over time, although they might simply have been missed. A plan existed to build an observatory there to monitor meteors, in the wake of the meteor that impacted in the sea and caused planet-wide tsunamis. It was to be constructed with the spare telescopes and machinery left abandoned in the Catherine Caves.