Ezra Keroon
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Hold
First appearance Dragonsdawn

BlankHold Fort Shield Star

One of the original Colonists of Pern, Ezra Keroon was the captain of the Bahrain and the expedition's Astronomer, referred to as «Fleet Astrogator». He was a hero of the Nathi War serving under Admiral Paul Benden.

Keroon Hold is named after him.


Ezra Keroon was instrumental in protecting the building that housed AIVAS with shuttle tiles found by Joel Lilienkamp. This action protected the facility from the eruption of Mount Garben 8 years after Landing and ensured the survival of AIVAS into the Ninth Pass. In fact, Ezra was somewhat obsessed with keeping AIVAS intact and while dying of the unknown disease that racked Fort Hold during the "Fever Year" and also claimed the life of Emily Boll, he sent Sean Connell back to Landing to check on the computer.

He was mentioned as having annotated an AIVAS report on the possibility of a collision between the Red Star and Pern. By the end of the First Interval, exhaustive reports on the Red Star, done by captains Keroon and Jim Tillek, were still very much in use.

Appearance and Personality

Tall and thin, he has butterscotch skin and a growing bald spot in his greying hair.



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