The Exploration and Evaluation Corps or EEC are the body of the Federated Sentient Planets responsible for determining whether or not a planet is habitable.


Probes are used as the initial gatherers of information, determining if the planet is habitable. Once this has been done, and the planet deemed safe, the EEC team will go to the surface and conduct a more thorough investigation over a period of several days, noting geology and possible landing sites, as well as flora and fauna.


  • Planets evaluated by the EEC teams were named after any team members lost during the mission. An example of this is the planet Flora Asturias, an amalgamation of two members' names.
  • Wherry was coined by Mo Tan Liu


Evaluated Planets

Also P.E.R.N.C in Report Initials

  1. P.E. = Parallels Earth
  2. R.N. = Resources negligible
  3. C = Indicating the the planet was suitable for colonization.

Criteria for Colonization

Most potential colony worlds must be relatively like Earth, or at the very least be habitable. More specifically, planets tend to require a wide range of flora and fauna, as well as multiple geologically-sound Landing sites.

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