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Dragonsong Cover. Artwork copyright Eric Deschamps

Eric Deschamps is both a sci-fi/fantasy illustrator and a video game concept artist and has been commissioned to create new cover art for the Harper Hall Trilogy books.

From Him

Hello everyone. So interesting to hear everyones thoughts on my cover art. I absolutely loved reading this book. One of my favorite reads of all time for sure. I thought you might be interested in hearing how I approached the cover. There has been a ton of covers to these books over the years so I didn't want to repeat what had already been done. I purposefully tried not to look at too much of them actually. I focused on capturing the essence of this book to me personally. I wanted to capture the musical nature of Menolly and her beautiful and delicate firelizards as well as the tenderness the book exudes despite all of the rejection and isolation Menolly endures. A standard dragon body type and plain colored wings wasn't taking the imagery to where I wanted it to be. Also, in the story the firelizards felt so bird-like to me. That is where the elimination of the forelimbs came from. I also thought it fit in well with the scene where the mother has such trouble moving the eggs. I understand that it may frustrate some readers when the imagery is not an exact replication of the wording in the text but if I can get the right feeling across to this new younger audience then I feel it is a success! Thanks for your honest thoughts everyone! [1]

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