Benden Weyr Shield

Eremath was a brown dragon from Nemorth's final clutch, where Lessa Impressed gold Ramoth and became Weyrwoman of Benden Weyr. Irith was the fourth hatchling Lessa saw as she watched the Hatching.

Before Eremath could reach his rider, another of his siblings trampled him, his claws gashing the young boy. Eremath crooned anxiously at his rider, prompting the boy to reassure his dragon that he was only mildly scratched — a blatant lie, as he was crying from the pain of the injuries.

«My name is Eremath…oh, please don't be hurt!»
«No! I'm fine; oh, you're beautiful!» 
— Eremath Impressing his rider.


  • While Eremath was not explicitly named in Dragonflight, his impression was depicted in the graphic novel adaption of Dragonflight; an expansion of a scene only described from Lessa's point of view.
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