Perhaps you were looking for an Eastern Weyr from the Ninth Pass, also called Monaco Bay Weyr.

Eastern Weyr is the one of the seven temporary Weyrs established on the Great Isle (Far Western Continent) during the Second Interval. It does not have subordinate Holds, since they were not based there.


Life at Eastern Weyr had been more demanding on the dragons and riders than was normal. Not only had the dragons of Eastern Weyr needed to train and learn to fight Thread, but they’d also been needed to hunt for food, build lodgings, find firewood, and do all the myriad other things that the weyrfolk did at a regular Weyr. There wasn’t a dragon or rider at Eastern Weyr who didn’t have a deep and abiding respect for ordinary weyrfolk.


Second Interval / Third Pass

It was dubbed this name by the wyerlings that were sent 'between time' to grow up, during the Second Interval.

When Thread did return and the start of Third Pass was hit hard, very soft sand, and burrows were well set and hard to stop.

Ninth Pass

By Ninth Pass, there was some water a few trees, according to Wansor and the The Tillek, could lead them to a safe place between the two parts of Far Western Continent.


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