The Eastern Ring Islands were an archipelago located east of the Northern Continent. The island chain stretched from the Northern Continent to the Southern Continent.


The Eastern Ring Islands were mostly tropical, with at least one island, Young Mountain, being volcanic in nature. The islands are largely uninhabited, but are capable of supporting small groups of people. Their isolated location makes them an excellent location for isolating dissidents.


Jim Tillek did some exploring of this area, while his apprentice seaman Peri did what dolphin communication was needed. Casss' pod was there till the short story, Dolpins' Bell Red Alert Recall from Monaco Bay Stake.

During the later year before the start of Second Pass M'shall and Craigath, Chalkin, dropped with a sevenday worth of supplies, near a stream on island number 27, which he reported to Paulin and Vergerin, when he got back for the Records.

In the Ninth Pass, one of the islands is used to house the people responsible for the abduction of retired MasterHarper Robinton following their exile. They were given just enough supplies to allow them to support themselves.Several years later, when Abominators began their attacks, exile to one of the ring islands was decided as the punishment for anyone involved. A short time later, the islands were hit by a massive Tsunami caused by a cometary fragment crashing into the sea. The Tsunami and the resultant flood would become known as the Fireball Flood. The exiled would be checked on by dragonriders following the flood. Later, a separate Ring Island would be chosen as the location of exile for those Abominators who attacked the Printercrafthall, with only Weyrleader N'ton knowing the island's exact location.


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