Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Cotholder
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Fort Hold
Harper Hall
First appearance Dragonsinger

Fort Shield Harper

Dunca is a small cotholder beholden to Fort Hold; she houses the paying girls of the Harper Hall. She owns a small cot with about 18 rooms, outward facing windows, and a laundry room. Food is sent up from the kitchens of the Harper Hall. Girls eat breakfast there but eat lunch and dinner in the Crafthall.


When Menolly comes to Fort Hold, she stays with Dunca until she runs into various difficulties with the other girls and is given a room in the Harper Hall. Dunca is set against Menolly from the start and delights in every excuse to make her look bad; including withholding a message from Master Domick in order to get the girl in trouble. Later in Dragonsinger, Silvina takes Dunca to task for her girls being out of control after the Gather where a fight between Menolly, Piemur, Pona, Audiva and various fosterlings and firelizards breaks out as a result of Pona's bad manners.

Personality and traits

Dunca is described as being small and round with beady eyes. she is plump, and has a bit of a time going up steep stairs in her cot. She has a great fear of fire lizards and is biased against the owner of any creatures.


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