Background and History

Drudges are people that do the unskilled or semi-skill work that needs to be done in Holds, Halls, and Weyrs. They are usually not intelligent enough to be in a craft, but perform more basic things like kitchen, serving, cleaning, sewing or laundry.

During the First Interval/Second Pass Bitran drudges attending the major Hold wore livery.[1] So did Sim during the Sixth Pass at Fort Hold for, Nerilka was wonder how good her fathers' long vision was.

They don't understand drum codes, Nerilka using that as a way to get out of Fort Hold, and as Rill.

At Benden Hold, serving drudges, brought food to the tables, at the youngling table, one brought F'lon the bread knife, bread, and board while another brought stew, and after



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