Dragonless was the term used for a dragonrider who had lost his or her dragon.


Second Interval

Mikal lost his brown dragon. He became a recluse, though he taught Pellar his woodsman skills. Mikal later joined Aleesa's Wherhold.

Late in the Second Interval and into the Third Pass, many dragonriders became dragonless when their dragons succumbed to the dragon plague. Several of these dragonriders continued to live after their dragons died.

Ninth Pass

Lytol lost his dragon during the Eighth Interval. He became a Master weaver and later became Lord Warder for Ruatha Hold, playing a vital part in events of the Ninth Pass.

Brekke and Kylara became dragonless when their queen dragons fought during a mating flight and went between. Kylara lost her mind, while Brekke continued to function, helped by her ability to hear all dragons.

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