Plot Summary


  • While the graphic novel fixes the mistake of calling Lytol a greenrider, it still erroneously lists the
  • In the earlier parts of the original novel - originally published as the short stories "Weyr Search" and "Dragonrider" - Mnementh and Ramoth's speech was not "audible" to the reader, and as such their comments were instead described in the narrative. The graphic novel adaption creates wholly new lines of dialogue for Mnementh and Ramoth and their riders, as well as the Watch-wher at Ruatha Hold.
  • While Ramoth is the only hatchling of Nemorth's final clutch to be named in Dragonflight, the graphic novel expands on the Hatching scene, naming two hatchlings previously described only in text Irith and Eremath.
  • Lord Raid is mistakenly depicted as a young man at the Benden Weyr, despite being
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