A natural rock feature along the coast, that in later turns became the water eroded rocks that stick into Nerat Bay, isolated only reachable from the sea side at high tide. The rocks are considered dangerous to larger boats and ships, though a skilled sailor can approach quite closely in a smaller craft, provided the tide is running high.

The sheltered cove behind the stones is an important location in Dragonsong, for it is the location of the small cavern where Menolly impresses her fire lizards, and where she lives for some months after she flees Half-Circle sea hold.

The mouth of the cave is elevated perhaps six feet from the level of the beach (Menolly can just reach it in order to put the rescued fire lizard eggs inside), and the entrance is quite small. Menolly has to enlarge it slightly before she can pass through on her hands and knees. The passage quickly opens into a larger chamber, just big enough to for a mostly-grown girl to stand in and move around a bit, with a warm, sandy floor and a small natural chimney to allow her to build a tiny hearth for cooking.

The Dragon Stones are remote enough for Menolly to live in her cave, undisturbed, for some time; apparently at the very limits of the lands claimed by Half Circle, and of course the hold's isolation in the marshes meant that very few travelers were likely to pass that way. Likewise, her little cave's small entrance was nearly invisible from the sea; even at very close range it looked to be little more than a shadow on the cliff face.

When asked about the location by Harper Elgion, Alemi mentions that he might have once seen fire lizards there at dawn, while passing close by on one of the hold's fishing vessels.


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