Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Small Holder
Journeyman Woodsmith
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Ruatha Hold
Spouse Barla
Children Aramina
First appearance The Girl Who Heard Dragons

Ruatha Shield Woodsman


He had build a fine hold, he was worried that his isolated mountain wood hold, near the Tillek Border wouldn't be good for his wife missing Gathers in spring and summer.

When we me him, he is working on chair for Lord Kale of Ruatha Hold, Kinsman of his wife Lady Barla, when they find out that the Ruatha Bloodline were killed, and their hold checked for those of the blood. The group leader saw that Barla, would sute his Lord. Six months later when Lord Fax show up, they leave their hold within an hour, in a gather wagon, which he had left in a blind valley on Tillek Side of the Border.

A sevenday later Barla delivers early a boy, the first to live is Aramina.

When they learn of Fax death they are at Beastmasterhold, building stables after,

Personality and traits

He has sharp ears, and skilled hands to keep working in his craft as a jointer-woodsmith, he also planed with his wife how to get away from Lord Fax guards but after living holdless for over fourteen turns his temper has become quite short and


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