Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Guard/Steward
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Ruatha Hold
Southern Hold
Out and About
Parent(s) Deelan
First appearance The White Dragon

Ruatha Shield Southern Shield

Dorse was the milkbrother to Lord Jaxom of Ruatha Hold.


Dorse was born in Ruatha Hold to Deelan, two days before the premature birth of Jaxom. Deelan would become Jaxom's wetnurse, and thus Jaxom was taught to share everything with Dorse. Growing up, however, Dorse was jealous of the attention his mother gave to Jaxom, and so began bullying Jaxom relentlessly. In addition, Dorse often made certain to get the best of whatever Jaxom got.

Dorse's rocky relationship with Jaxom would continue into adulthood, and eventually, Dorse left for Southern Hold after being offered land from Toric. Dorse would begin working for Toric in various underhanded activities, and eventually became associated with the Abominators. Eventually, Dorse would take part in a failed attempt to destroy a PrinterHall. He refused to identify himself, though Jaxom, one of the judges present, would recognize him. Dorse would be exiled to an abandoned island in the sea for his crimes, though like the other perpetrators, he remained unidentified to the public.


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