Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Master Crafter
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Hall Domaize in Keroon Hold
First appearance Dragonseye/Red Star Rising

Harper Keroon Shield Scribe

Domaize was Master Artist late in the First Interval and early in the Second Pass.


Domaize specialized in portraiture. He was founder of Hall Domaize in Keroon Hold.

After the Master Weaver contacted Domaize about Iantine's skills in drawings, Iantine came to the Collage to meet Domaize, who set the exam by having Iantine sketch himself. After Iantine was accepted as a student, Domaize sent off a message to Iantine's parents, advising them that Benden’s Lord and Lady Holder were willing to pay more than half of Iantine's fees.

Appearance, personality and traits

Domaize was required to wear half spectacles when he wanted to see beyond his nose.

He had a reputation for "letting you deal with your own mistakes — especially the ones unconnected with Art."


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