Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Master Crafter
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Hall Domaize in Keroon Hold
First appearance Dragonseye/Red Star Rising

Harper Keroon Shield Scribe

Domaize was Master Artist during the First Interval.


Not much is known about him, other than he was a Master Artist specializing in portraiture during the Late First Interval / Second Pass. He was founder of Hall Domaize in Keroon Hold.

After the Master Weaver contacted him, about Iantine skills in drawings, he came to the Collage to meet him. He had set the exam into his hall, by having him draw himself, and from there, he arranged a contact with his parents, and that the Benden Holder were willing to pay half of his fees.

Appearance, personality and traits

By the time of the story he had to wear glasses in order to see, close up. beyond his face, he let you find out for yourself thing unrelated to art


Dragonseye/Red Star Rising

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