Dolphincrafthall at Rubicon River Hold is a Major hall for Dolphincraft.

Major Hall

Rubicon River Hold lies on Pern's southern coast in a group of sea worn caves open to the Southern Sea, along the Rubicon River, that Readis, spotted once from the Fair Winds.

In the long boats off the deck of Dawn Sister and Fair Winds, the Dolphins Pods were talking to humans. Benden Weyrleaders, Lord Holder Ranrel not Oterel,  MasterHarper Sebell, to and The Tillek,  at her request, to create the new Dolphincrafthall and Rubicon River Hold, the both ships.

Minor Halls

Monaco Bay Stake and Hold — there was a base of dolphiners during the colonization, in the Ninth Pass in the Hold renewed contact.

Paradise River Hold — here fisherman Alemi kept in touch with dolphins before and after the establishment of the Major Hall at Rubicon River Hold.

Fort Sea Hold — after the restoration of contact with the dolphins, a bell was installed here. Healers worked here.

Tillek Hold — they also renewed contact with dolphins.

  • Crafters:
  • Dolphins: Iggy.

Cove Hold

Other known crafters

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