Diver is a bronze Fire Lizard that bonded with Menolly during the Ninth Pass.


Diver is one of Menolly's original nine fire lizards. Like his siblings, he was born in a small cavern in a cliff near the Dragon Stones. Menolly, having taken shelter in the cave during Threadfall, began feeding the fire lizards spiderclaws, and Impressed nine of them. Diver lived with Menolly in that cave for a number of months before he moved to first Benden Weyr, in which Menolly worried about him getting fed, then the Harper Hall along with Menolly. He currently lives with Menolly and Sebell at Harper Hall.

During the events of Dragondrums, Sebell's queen fire lizard Kimi rose to mate during Menolly and Sebell's journey to Southern Hold. Both Diver and his brother Rocky pursued her, but in the end, Diver succeeded in mating with her. Their mating frenzy led to Menolly and Sebell making love on the boat and ultimately resulted in them becoming a couple and eventually marrying.

Personality and traits

Diver earned his name after Menolly observed his skill at diving into tidal pools for Fingertails.

Either Diver or his brother Rocky was the first of the nine Fire lizards Menolly impressed.


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