Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Master Fisher
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Tillek Hold
First appearance Dragongirl

Tillek Shield Fisher

Disaller was Lord Holder and Masterfisher of Tillek Hold in the Second Interval and Third Pass. He was bonded to watch-wher Tillesk.


Since he had been born in Tillek Hold, Disaller knew about the sea and ships. He told Lorana that he was having Captain Tanner build him a replacement for the Wind Rider at Half-Circle Sea Hold. Then, he asked Lorana for her approval to name the ship after her.

After he recalled that Lord Malon had written in the records that Wind Blossom had come to the hold, he told Lorana that the bell she was setting up on a raft to signal the dolphins was the same bell that Wind Blossom had used.

Appearance and Personality

He was a bear of a man with a beard.


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