Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Journeyman Harper, Drum
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
First appearance Dragonsinger
Notable appearance Dragonsinger


Dirzan was a Drum Journeyman in the Harper Hall in the Ninth Pass.


Dirzan was one of two drum journeymen under Master Olodkey and was responsible for teaching drum codes to the apprentices. Unlike his master, Dirzan was unaware that Piemur was secretly apprenticed to MasterHarper Robinton. Piemur began learning drum code quicker than the other apprentices. This, along with Piemur's reputation as a troublemaker, led the other apprentices to begin bullying Piemur. Dirzan, aware of Piemur's reputation himself, turned a blind eye to most of the bullying, and was much harder on Piemur. In addition to having Piemur carry messages more often than the others, Dirzan would also accuse Piemur of gossiping about the drum messages, despite the fact that many people in the Harper Hall understood Drum Code to some extent. The only time Dirzan truly punished the apprentices was when they soiled Piemur's clothing and sleeping furs.

When Piemur sustained a concussion after the other apprentices greased the stairs he was climbing, Dirzan accused Piemur of faking to get out of work. However, the other journeyman, Rokayas, would intervene to allow Piemur to be treated for his injuries. In the aftermath, Dirzan was punished severely for allowing the bullying to get out of hand, and for his unfair treatment of Piemur.

Personality and traits

Dirzan was noted for his cruel treatment of Piemur, overlooking the bullying Piemur was undergoing and being harsh himself.


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