Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Master Harper
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Harper Hall
First appearance Dragon Harper


Detallor was a Master Harper late in the Second Interval. He taught dance and defense.


While both Kindan and Vaxoram were in a class with Master Detallor, Master Detallor caused problems for Kindan by singling him out and pointing out to Vaxoram, "You should learn from this youngster. He seems to understand what I’m saying." Then, after Vaxoram chose Kindan as his opponent for the next bout and chose to fight with both his left hand and his right hand, Master Detallor showed them both that he could also fight with both hands.

Before Master Detallor became ill and died during the flu pandemic, he was the third-most senior Master Harper, after Master Murenny and Master Zist.

Appearance, personalty and traits

Detallor was a short, wiry man who moved with a limp — except when he was dancing or fighting, and then he moved like liquid fire.

Even though Master Detallor was a master of the blade, Mikal was a better swordsman than Master Detallor.


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