Desi Arthied
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Charter Member
Storage Master Second
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Hold
Children Ali Arthied[1]
First appearance Dragonsdawn

BlankHold Fort Shield

Desi Arthied was a colonist on Pern. He was the second in command of stores[2][3].


Desi acted as Joel Lilienkamp's super cargo on the Yokohama, during the landing on Pern. He also had an engineering background, which he passed on to his son, Ali Arthied. He worked very hard during the Second Crossing as Jim Tillek's cargo master. His heart stopped working, but they were able to save him. His recorder was tucked inside his vest.

Personality and traits

He had a hard time keeping up with Joel Lilienkamp[4], but he did what had to be done.


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