Beast Paradise River Shield Rubicon River

Delky was a runnerbeast.


Delky is Readis' runnerbeast that has been trained in order to help Readis move around with his bad leg. After sea thorn poison twisted it.[1] He was given to him via Lord Jaxom and pick out by Ruth, for all the time he helped scrubbed his hide, over the Turns.

She caries two folks as easily as one but adult legs would get stuck on stuff on the way back, after news about Robinton, died, waited for a handful of corn the day after.

When the bad blow hit, Paradise River Hold and Readis IIhelped the two injured Dolphin before helping out his hold, he stayed and helped dress meat, till done, he didn't return to the hold, that night sleeping in the animal barn, he returned in the morning, and when he could not make the promise to stay away from dolphins, he packed a bag, called for Delly, and left, it took a long time to get the sea caves by Rubicon River, they had once shelter with only a finger apan of stone shelter, from the beast hide, Readis Ii used her longer tail hairs to make rope, line, and other needed things.

She was killed by felines at want would become Rubicon River Hold, while Readis II was out with the pod.



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