Vital statistics
Gender Female
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Ruatha Hold
Children Dorse
First appearance The White Dragon

Ruatha Shield

Deelan was a resident of Ruatha Hold during the Ninth Pass. She served as milkmother to Jaxom.


A few days prior to the arrival of Fax at Ruatha Hold, Deelan gave birth to her only child, Dorse. While Fax was at Ruatha, his wife, Lady Gemma, went into premature labor. Though she died soon after, the newborn Jaxom survived. Deelan would be contracted to serve as wetnurse to Jaxom, as she was the only option. As a result, Jaxom would be taught that he must be grateful to her, and also must share everything with his milkbrother, Dorse. Deelan gave Jaxom more attention than Dorse, resulting in Dorse beginning to bully Jaxom.

As Jaxom matured, Deelan was known to monitor him closely through the use of fire Lizards. Eventually, an outburst by Jaxom reminded them that he was Lord of Ruatha and, after a talk with Brand, was able to get her to back off and give him some privacy.


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