Lord Deckter
Vital statistics
Title Lord Holder
Gender Male
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Nabol Hold
Children Two sons
First appearance Dragondrums

Nabol Shield

Deckter was Lord Holder of Nabol Hold during the Ninth Pass. He succeeded the infamous Lord Meron following Meron's death.


Deckter was a distant relative of Meron. Deckter ran a successful carting business between Nabol and Crom Hold. When the dying Meron refused to name a successor, in the hopes of causing conflict, Masterharper Robinton and T'bor, Weyrleader of High Reaches Weyr, managed to trick Meron into naming Deckter as his successor. As Deckter was an unknown and seemingly unwanted, Meron hoped to cause mischief, never realizing that he had actually named the preferred choice. Deckter had to be convinced to take hold by Robinton, who compared the job of rebuilding Nabol to building a carting business.

As Lord Holder, Deckter was a good and decent ruler. He was noted to have a sharp mind for business. When choosing a new Lord Holder for Tillek Hold, Deckter voted for Ranrel, and Deckter appreciated Ranrel's improvements to Tillek's docks, which used AIVAS-based technology. Deckter also supported the creation of the Printer and Technician's Hall. In later years, he supported the construction of observatories, asking if ore would be needed for the project.

Appearance and Personality

Deckter was the new Lord Holder Robinton and T'bor wanted, so it seems likely he was a decent and good man, and was a decent and good ruler, unlike his late grand-uncle. Having been a successful businessman, he was known for his expertise in the area, and generally supported new projects.


Additional Information

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