The Dawn Sisters were three bright star-like points of light that could be seen in the dawn sky throughout Pern.


The Dawn Sisters were visible from portions of the Northern and Southern Continent, for short periods of time following dusk and dawn. The name is coined by students at College during the First Pass (Dragonsblood, ch.15). Eventually, knowledge regarding the true nature of the Dawn Sisters was lost, leading most to assume they were stars. As exploration of the Southern Continent and its surrounding oceans increased in the Ninth Pass, certain people began noticing the unusual nature of the stars. In the Ninth Pass Masterfisher Idarolan named his largest ship Dawn Sister in honor of them.

Following Wansor's redevelopement of the telescope, Wansor was able to study the objects from Cove Hold. THe the presence of several others, Wansor would determine that the Dawn Sisters were man-made objects designed to stay where they are. It was theorized that the original settlers had used them. AIVAS would eventually reveal that the Dawn Sisters were actually the original colony ships: the Yokohama, the Bahrain, and the Buenos Aires.


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