Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Dragonrider
Dragon Blue Kiarith
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Crom Hold
Sky Weyr
First appearance Sky Dragons

Crom Shield BlankWeyr

Danirry was a dragonrider in the Second Interval. Her dragon was blue Kiarith.


Born in Crom Hold, and survived the plague, she is found in a group of Candidates — all female; Alimma, Cliova and Mirressa. By Jirana and Xhinna, while helping Lady Nerra with the hold.

Xhinna Wing Second and Sky Wings

Up high incinerating it as the frozen ovoids heat up and begin changing shape — «Threading».

In the aftermath, Danirry reveals that she had theorized that Thread would be easier to destroy from their vantage point — correctly guessing that it remained inert until encountering oxygen by reasoning that as a living creature of some sort it needed to breathe — and suggests that the dust Falls noted by the other Weyrs at this point in time might actually be caused by them secretly fighting Thread

Personality and traits

Sh has begun to follow Xhinna around like a lovesick child — who keep an eye on her. During a conversation with R'ney who is trying to figure out a way to protect Kisorth's upcoming clutch, and plans to build channels to wash away the soil on the Meeyu Plateau, Danirry — educated in mining matters by her former Harper at Crom — notes that they could find gold dust by doing this, leading R'ney to claim her as his assistant, which slowly helps her recover from the hardships she went through after the Plague. Following this, Xhinna assigns Jepara to help Mirressa do the same.

R'ney, who she finds caring for Davinna; Danirry's infant daughter, after Danirry and Kiarith are dead; they fainted after warning the others, and the others failed to catch them as they fell.


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