Vital statistics
Title Weyrleader
Gender Male
Dragon Bronze Unnamed in book
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Fort Weyr
Spouse Nara
First appearance Dragonheart
Notable appearance Dragonheart

Fort Weyr Shield

D'mal was the Weyrleader at the end of the Second Interval.


He is the that former Headwoman Melanwy, recalls, when her memories are clear

Personal Life



D'mal and Nara are mentioned as leaders of Fort Weyr in different historical periods. The first time is at the end of the First Pass / First Interval in the Dragonsblood, the second time at the end of the Second Interval in the Dragonheart. Since it is difficult to imagine the random complete coincidence of the names, positions and places of life of people who lived at different times, it can be assumed that this is one of the author's mistakes.

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