Benden Weyr Shield

Craigath is a bronze dragon at Benden Weyr. His rider is M'shall.


Transportation of Lord Holder(s)

After the Bitran exodus and Lord Azury, after interviewing refugees and imprisoned border guards from Bitra about Impeachment and the need unanimous agreement of all major Lord's Holder and Jamson was the holdout Azury who heard about the closing borders of Bitra and after interviewing refugees and imprisoned border guards from Bitra.

At Ista Hold, he circles out high from the harbor, looking for a ed sail sloop, with lots of Dolphins, when he dives for it, pushing his rider and others, he landed neatly, and used his forearm to pull them closer to Lord Richud who comments, that the dragon would sink his ship.

He reaction to the dolphins tickling his belly, He understand that the rail of the ship fragile, he was swimming to keep up with it. He tell his rider that Maruth tell him to take the pictures and he transports them.

His reaction to Impeachment, via his rider

He spoke sharply to the watch-wher, to get into folks into Bitra Hold, after the meat didn't work. After the impeachment and while taking  Chalkin,  to his exile five men were trying to him on, his eyes were showing his reaction see Dragon Eye Colours Red and Orange, craned his neck about to see what happen, after be knock out, his rider mounted, he was tied to his rider with the supplies, and take one mighty bound, he took only one wide sweep of his wings Between


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