Craftmaster was the title given to the head of a craft. A Craftmaster had the same authority and rank as Weyrleaders and Lord Holders.


A Craftmaster served as the overall head of a Craft, deciding craft policy as well as serving as the craft's representative in global affairs. Craftmasters served on the Great Council of Pern, helping to decide global affairs. Craftmasters had the ability to punish members of their craft who broke rules; outsiders who committed crimes could also be punished if there was no other known affiliation for the criminal to receive judgment from.

A Craftmaster was considered an expert in their craft, and often was the only one with knowledge of certain craft secrets, though some crafts eschewed the idea of craft secrets in favor of open knowledge. Craftmasters were elected from the Masters of a Craft. A Craftmaster could select their successor, but the successor would still require approval from the remaining Masters of a craft. A craftmaster who broke Pernese rules could be removed by a vote of the other Craftmasters, though this was typically reserved as an extreme punishment for the most serious crimes.

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