Background and History

Before Landing

In order to fill the technical spots, they has hired many folk, Bart Lemos, and Nabhi Nabol where contract specialists before they were given Charter Status.[1] one on Pern they could claim right by contract credits to clam stake, like. List of Stakes which is a Charter birth right.

There was a Dolphin Contract, between the twenty-five that came to the clean water of Pern.

The Dolphin Contract

  • Sea Rescue
  • must answer the call of the dolphin bell
  • must guard all human beings and assist in sea rescues, even to the cost of their own lives
  • must inform humans of oncoming weather conditions, including tracking earthquakes and tsunamis
  • If asked, they seek out schools of fish for fishing boats

(full text can be found on pages 196—197 The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern Second Edition)

First Interval Second Pass

Iantine learn about what his master was saying beyond art, about having room and board.



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