Vital statistics
Title Journeyman Weaver
Hold Resident
Gender Male
Rank Jouneyman Weaver
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Weavercrafthall
Wide Bay Hold
First appearance The Skies of Pern
Notable appearance The Skies of Pern

Weaver BlankHold

Colman was a journeyman Weaver who resided in Wide Bay Hold.


Colman was a resident of Wide Bay Hold in the years following AIVAS's self-termination. His hold was near the Printer Hall, as their roofs were close. When Abominators attacked the Printer Hall, he would come forward from the crowd of witnesses at the subsequent trial. He would point out that the fire intended to burn down the Printer Hall could have spread to his hold, which would have destroyed his winter work and ruined him.

Personality and traits

Colman was a slightly stooped man. According to Master Harper Mekelroy, Colman was deaf from the loud noise of using his shuttles.


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