Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Journeyman seaman
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Fishercraft
Tillek Hold
Eastern Weyr
Sky Weyr
First appearance Dragonsblood

Fisher Tillek Shield

Colfet was a seaman late in the Second Interval and beginning of the Third Pass.


Colfet traveled from Tillek Hold to Ista Sea Hold to help bring Wind Rider to Half-Circle Sea Hold then back to Tillek Hold.

Tanner was to be Captain during the shakedown cruise to the new Half-Circle Sea Hold. Then, Colfet was to be Captain on the return cruise to Tillek Hold. But, after Colfet broke his arm on the shakedown cruise and Baror prevented Tanner from re-boarding at Half-Circle, Baror became Captain.

After Baror became Captain of the Wind Rider, Colfet wanted to help Lorana get off the ship before Baror could take advantage of her. Colfet and Lorana lowered themselves into a launch. But, the little boat was whipped violently around by the fierce winds and Lorana was thrown overboard. Luckily, both were eventually saved.

When Lorana discovered that the old sailor had survived the wreck of the Wind Rider, she insisted on taking Talenth to meet him. Their reunion had been joyful; but, Lorana had seen how hard the wreck had been on the man. Since his arm had never healed quite right, he’d eked out a living repairing fishnets and sails. He’d been perfect for the mission and thrilled to be able to help her once more.

When Lorana and Fiona took the weyrlings back in time to create Eastern Weyr on the Far Western Continent/Great Isle, they brought Colfet to assist them with their Fishercraft needs. Colfet then accompanied Xhinna when she created Sky Weyr.


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