Characters After Landing - First Pass - First Interval
Character Dragon/Watch Wher/Fire Lizard Description Place Book(s) Notes & Date(s) (If noted in Books)
Michael or Mihall Connell Before Impression Name of Firstborn son of Sean and Sorka Connell. Later shorted his name to M'hall Landing
Fort Hold
Fort Weyr
The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
He has red hair and temper like his father. [1]
Sean Connell Blazer gold/queen fire lizard (menta), given to him by Bay Harkenon Landing Dragonsdawn Sean was able to read the images of her easier, his two browns and Duke, were fighting with her, about Thread[2]


Minor Characters that we see here and there, that are sometime named or not, that make up part of a story line.

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