Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Shunned and Exiled
Era First Interval
Affiliation Bitra Hold
Spouse Nadona
Parent(s) Kinver
Siblings Vergerin Uncle
Children Chaldon, Luccha, Lonada, Briskin
First appearance Red Star Rising / Dragonseye
Notable appearance Red Star Rising / Dragonseye

Bitra Shield

Chalkin was Lord Holder of Bitra Hold. He didn't believe in Thread. First to be Impeached.


He was slow to make deals, stingy with his marks, didn't hold a court, and didn't allow the Teacher to teach the Charter. He cheating on the game with Vergerin on becoming Lord Holder. A vain man, wearing many, jeweled rings on both hands.

Appearances and Personally

He had a jowly face with muddy brown, close-set eyes (with bags under them) that seemed to cross towards the bridge of his rather fleshy, bulbous nose (a family treat), scanty hair and a mole on his chin. which Iantine re-did to remind Vergerin of his youth and how not to manage a hold.


Additional Information

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