Ista Weyr Shield

Caylith was a gold dragon who resided at Ista Weyr in the Ninth Pass. Her rider was Cosira.


Caylith was a junior queen at Ista Weyr. Upon rising to mate, she would mate with Barnath, a bronze dragon Impressed to G'dened. Following the death of Fanna, Ista's senior Weyrwoman, Caylith and Cosira rose to become Ista's senior pair. Ista's Weyrleader, D'ram, would choose to step down following Fanna's death. He would invoke an Oldtimer tradition to declare Caylith's next mating flight open, as a way to ensure that the next mating flight would chose the best replacement Weyrleader. Though each Weyr would send their best men, the favorite was Barnath, as he had mated with Caylith before.

When Caylith rose, T'kul and several other exiled Oldtimers would attempt to join the flight, though their age meant that they failed. The death of T'kul's dragon caused T'kul to enter a grief-maddened rage, where he attempted to kill F'lar. It was only after the battle was over that everyone learned that Caylith had been flown by Barnath, making G'dened they new Weyrleader.

Caylith would remain as senior queen during the AIVAS years and beyond. After the dragons learned of their telekinetic abilities, Caylith was noted to be in excellent color, something that was considered difficult in older dragons.


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