Catherine Radelin-Doyle
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Colonists
Dragon Gold Singlath
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Weyr
First appearance Dragonsdawn

BlankHold Fort Weyr Shield

Catherine Radelin-Doyle is one of the settlers that originally colonized Pern.


After Landing, she fell into the cave system that is named after her. She married a man described as a "feckless joat".

She keeps finding more caves; she told Ongola about finding the cave with Kenjo Fusaiyuki's shuttle fuel in it.


When Kitti Ping Yung finished the first ever clutch of dragon eggs, Catherine was one of those chosen to be a candidate. At the hatching, she impressed golden Singlath.

Move North

She and the other dragonriders helped during the Second Crossing, and later they moved into Fort Weyr.

Personality and traits


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