The Catherine Caves were located in the Southern Continent.


It was found shortly after Landing, by Catherine, who into cave system, that was named after her.

Joel Lilienkamp stored many of the at the time barcoding, unreadable till AIVAS was found.

Living Quarters

When the first dragons' outgrew Landing, it was Cathy that suggested that they move to there. After exploring they moved there. Sean Connell, talked Red Hanrahan into giving them the scrubs and they made a ground shelter and they all worked on the trays that fed them. He wished that Joel wold release com units, to them. So they would go to Red's home to find out what was going on when the mountains started to smoke.

They were where the first dragons and their riders lived, before the Second Crossing, and the move north. The weyrs were too small for Ninth Pass Dragons.


They were on the maps that MasterHarper Robinton and Piemur, marked by different colored flags. That when an earth shake open a large crack noted by Breide while exploring noted how well stuff was stacked and explored by a group made up of him, F'lar, Lessa, Robinton, Piemur, and Jancis, on the first day, A thunderstorm passed over but th overlaping dragonwings from the Benden Weyrleaders', were used to keep the stuff from drowning. While the fire-lizard provided food.

Jancis used the measurements to to find the original entrance and it was dug out and shored a clear piece of Pastic, was put over the hold


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