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Carenath was a bronze dragon in the First Pass. His rider was Sean Connell.


Carenath was one of the original eighteen dragons born from genetically engineered eggs that Kitti Ping Yung made during the First Pass. Sean Connell was the first leader of the eighteen dragons and the first Weyrleader of Fort Weyr.

Personality and traits

Carenath has a proud, self-assured personality. The first few times he flew with Sean, he was the calmer one, constantly insisting to his Rider that he would not let him fall.[1] He can be somewhat mischievous, especially when motivated by food, going so far as to try and trick his rider into giving him more.[1] Carenath was shown to dislike his rider's runner, Cricket, feeling like he was a far better steed than an animal. [2]


Carenath was a Bronze from the original dragons engineered by Kitti Ping. As such he would be considered quite small compared to ninth pass dragons, likely being between 12-18 feet long, and 16-18 hands at the shoulder.[3] As a hatchling, Sean had thought his dragon looked like "a bad cross between a rabbit and a kangaroo".[2]



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