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Canth is a brown dragon bonded to F'nor. He is the largest brown on Pern.



Canth hatched from one of Nemorth's clutches during the Eighth Interval, the same clutch as Mnementh. While Mnementh impressed Falarnon, who became F'lar, Canth was one of the last hatchlings, and impressed Famanoran, who became F'nor. Both Canth and F'nor would reside at Benden Weyr, where F'nor eventually became Wing-Second to his half-brother.

The Southern Venture

After the discovery that dragons could go between times, Canth took F'nor to the Southern Continent alongside Lessa and Ramoth to determine if the Continent was habitable. Discovering that the Southern Continent was lush and fertile, Canth accompanied a group of weyrlings and their hatchling dragons back ten years in the hopes of having more mature dragons to fight Thread. Though the dragons did mature, and another clutch was laid, the group was forced to return due to the strain on the riders.

Recovering at Southern Weyr

In the years following, Canth developed a reputation for finding candidates who would be good riders, especially queen candidates. After F'nor was injured by an Oldtimer, both he and Canth traveled to Southern Weyr to recover. While here, Canth would be the first in several hundred years to discover Fire Lizards, and would alert F'nor, who impressed a gold hatchling. Canth would confirm that Fire Lizards were related to dragons.

F'nor would eventually become aware that Brekke, the junior weyrwoman at Southern, had feelings for him, but believed that a relationship wasn't possible due to the fact that only bronzes flew queens. Canth would remark that he was larger and more powerful than most of the dragons at Southern, leading F'nor to proclaim that Canth would fly Brekke's Wirenth. However, when Wirenth rose to mate after relocating to High Reaches Weyr, another queen, Prideth, rose as well. The two queens engaged in lethal combat, which Canth was unable to halt.

The Red Star

Canth would later make an infamous journey to the Red Star. F'nor would wonder if it were possible, while studies were being done. Canth remarked that the coordinates F'nor gave were clear, and took F'nor to the location. When they came out of between, massive winds and storms kept Canth from flying properly while breaking his limbs. The windstorms scoured off all of his hide except for where F'nor was sitting. They were falling and almost unconscious when Brekke's call of «DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!!» pulled them back. A living ramp of dragons from all the Weyrs caught the falling Canth and slid him down to the sands of Benden Weyr. Canth would make a full recovery, though his quickly regrowing hide and large size meant that most of the weyr had to assist in oiling him.


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