Caesar Galliani
Vital statistics
Title Charter
Gender Male
Rank Charter
Era First Pass
Affiliation Roma Stake
Fort Hold
Spouse Ramona Galliani
Siblings Stefano Galliani
Children Marco Galliani
Terry Galliani
First appearance Dragonsdawn

Beast BlankHold Fort Shield

Caesar Galliani was a colonist on Pern. He was a veterinarian and raised livestock.


Caesar is a Charter Member. He used stone to build his livestock buildings at Roma Stake. He sent his sons to help Wade Lorenzo after the second Threadfall, but wanted them home in time to help milk the large herd. When his son Marco Galliani impressed his dragon Duluth, Caesar thought that he was growing well.

He and Stefano Galliani moved a large herd of breeding stock to their stake after the Second Crossing. At this time, all the dragonriders, except Marco, fed their dragons from Caesar's herd. Marco's Duluth was fed packtails by the fire lizards.

Eventually Caesar and the other livestock breeders came north to Fort Hold.

Personality and traits

He was thinking ahead when he used stone for his livestock buildings. When he and the other livestock breeders moved to Fort Hold, they missed their blood stock lines that they had to leave behind at Roma Stake.


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