Captain Jim Tillek
Personal 1,733
1,500 in deepsleep
233 stay awake/alternated watches
Shuttles Two

The Buenos Aires was one of three colony ships that brought the first settlers to Pern.


The Buenos Aires was larger than the Bahrain, but smaller than the Yokohama. Her captain was Jim Tillek. Following the arrival of the settlers to Pern, the Buenos Aries was left in orbit around Pern. In the following turns, the people of Pern lost the knowledge that the Buenos Aires was a ship, and instead believed it to be part of a group of stars known as the Dawn Sisters.

During the Ninth Pass, Pern was able to rediscover the truth of the Buenos Aires identity. Following the discovery of AIVAS, the ship had its life support capabilities restored and preparations for moving the Red Star took place upon it. Its engine was later removed and used in a controlled explosion to move the Red Star out of its orbit. Following this effort, the Buenos Aires was placed in a collision course with Pern's sun, as AIVAS stated that the ship's orbit had degraded significantly and posed a danger.


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