Benden Weyr Shield

Breth was a golden Queen dragon at Benden Weyr late in the Second Interval and early in the Third Pass. Her rider was Salina.


When M'tal and J'lantir were trying to learn how well the Lemos Hold Watch-whers communicated with dragons, M'tal asked Renilan to "ask your Resk to ask Lemosk how to talk to Breth."

Breth's final clutch had thirty two eggs, including the Queen egg of Arith, who Impressed Lorana. Breth had never had a stillborn egg in any of her previous clutches; but, 10 eggs were left on the Hatching Ground in her final clutch, without hatching.

Even though both Salina and Lorana tried to stop her, Breck went between after becoming ill with the Dragon Plague, leaving Salina dragonless.


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