Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Steward
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Telgar Hold
Ruatha Hold
Fire-lizard(s) Blue

Ruatha Shield Telgar Shield

Brand was the steward of Ruatha Hold during the Ninth Pass. He had a blue fire lizard.


Brand originally came from Telgar Hold. He eventually came to serve as Steward during Lord Warder Lytol's time as leader of Ruatha Hold, proving to be extremely capable. When the maturing Jaxom, expressed a need for privacy, Brand ensured that Jaxom got it. He also began ensuring that people began treating Jaxom with the respect due a Lord Holder.

Brand would continue serving as Steward following Jaxom's confirmation as Lord Holder, and was considered by Jaxom to be a good friend. Brand typically handled Ruatha's day to day affairs while Jaxom was working on AIVAS projects. After Jaxom learned of a potential attempt on his life, he would confide his worries to Brand. Brand would make inquires, but was unable to learn anything significant.


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