Borgald Amhold
Vital statistics
Title Master Trader
Gender Male
Rank Out and About
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Amhold Traders
Children Armald
First appearance The Renegades of Pern


Borgald Amhold was a trader late in the Eighth Interval and early in the Ninth Pass.


Borgald and his traders had been providing services to Telgar Hold for a very long time. To protect his carts and animals from Threadfall, he put thin metal sheets over the carts and sheltered the animals in caves, as his father had done.

He was deeply saddened by the loss of his son Armald when the renegade band led by Lady Holder Thella attacked their train. Even though he still had his second son Nazer, it took a long time for him to recover from his losses.

Personality and Traits

He was a pragmatic, unimaginative sort, and a responsible carter, worried only about his people and his precious burden beasts, the great horned bullocks that pulled his wagons.


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