Vital statistics
Gender Male
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Lemos Hold
First appearance The Impression

Lemos Shield

Borand was a child from Lemos Hold in the early Ninth Pass.


Felessan knew him, as he had once accompanied a tithe train up to Benden Weyr, and the two, along with many other children from the caverns, had spent the afternoon stacking sacks of river grain in Benden Weyr's stores; supervised by Headwoman Manora.

Borand was a candidate for Ramoth's clutch in the tenth year of the Ninth Pass; Felessan was glad he came. It is not known whether he Impressed a dragon in the Hatching.


  • After his introduction in The Impression, Borand was not mentioned again. Since all the other candidates mentioned in the story were shown on the Hatching Grounds successfully Impressing hatchlings, it is likely that Borand did not Impress.


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