Bonfire Square was located in Landing.

The first night the colonists spent on Pern, they lit a bonfire and sat around it as they ate and rested from the day's work. Other colonists on the ships watched on viewscreens. When there was no bonfire the second night, several people asked for it to be brought back, so it was. It became a tradition that each day someone who had worked hard would earn the right to light the bonfire that night. Sorka Hanrahan lit the bonfire after she Impressed her fire lizard Duke.

Bonfire Square was also used for other occasions. It was used for a thanksgiving on Pern when the leaders decided to celebrate the final departure from the colony ships with dancing and food. The first gather was held at Bonfire Square, on a day when Thread would fall in uninhabited or harmless locations. Patrice de Broglie addressed the colonists from Bonfire Square with information about the imminent eruption of Picchu Peak.


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